Sunday, January 15, 2017

it's a freaking miracle


With three fifteen hour days back to back fueled by little sleep combined with the worst cold I've had in the last five years, physical inventory is finally over. Can I get a freaking hallelujah? Ugh.

I'm debating whether I should be knocked up or stuck in another country the next time this rolls around. Especially considering I'm supposed to "run" the finance aspect of it next year and made a multi-million dollar mistake (thankfully fixed!) this time. 

Ryan held down the fort this week doing a bunch of projects. He installed our new dishwasher, switched out the light fixture in the living room, and discovered the fan in the dining room is plastered into the ceiling. #winning

My contribution to the house this week? Repotting plants. 

Since I don't have tomorrow off like most people seemingly do, I'm already looking forward to next weekend. Hopefully by then I'll be rid of this head cold. (And be sleeping a solid ten hours each night.)

What's on deck for you this week?Are you plotting payback for your boss for the cold he shared? Or are you planning on a few extra hours of sleep for good measure?

Until the next sleep deprive post, peace out, lifers.

- Allison Rae

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