Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank God it's the Weekend

Well, Ryan's officially on spring break. And I'm not.

Oh, to have the life of a college student. I can be jealous right? I'll be at work, slaving away, earning our supper. And he'll be lounging about, sleeping in, day drinking, and brewing beer. Sometimes I wonder where I went wrong in life. I think I took a wrong turn somewhere back in time.

Then I look at his handsome face and know I'm where I should be.

After writing a nice honey-do list for him next week, I'll be:

Planning my future sister-in-law's bridal shower and falling in love with all songs about love. Especially, "Love on Top." Did I miss any good ones?

Spending quality DIY time making these sparkly votives. Of course, that's after a photography workshop to work on my "game. "

Celebrating getting clean bills of health during our physicals today. But man, the struggle to stay healthy is real. Number 22 on this list? One-hundred and ten percent my life.

And then I see these new limited edition english muffins on sale...

And then I remember my five boxes of girl scout cookies are coming at the end of the month and there are thing like these cakes to make.

And then I remember I like healthy food too and believe this falafel could save me.

What's on your list this weekend?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Thank God it's the Weekend

I am so glad it's the weekend. I don't know about you but I've been waiting for it since Monday. Time to just veg and hang out. I can do absolutely everything I want and will do nothing I don't want to. I think I'll start it with watching Fuller House and then move on to nine solid hours of sleep.

Then I'll move onto these gems:

I found my spirit animal and she makes this heavenly looking pot roast.

I think this is the perfect amount of glitter for any room.

I am definitely making s'mores for Monday.

I'm never deciding between anything again, because this pan can solve all my problems.

I'm going to imagine it's summer and sip on this lemonade while ignoring the howling wind outside.

And speaking of summer, the lighting on this covered porch is going to be my pet project.

I wish I had patience because this stencil would make an awesome looking accent wall.

And hello, brinner? Party of two.