Friday, January 27, 2017

another one bites the dust - a goal update

GUYS. It's twenty-seven days into twenty-seventeen and I'm already crossing off a goal!

Okay, okay, to be fair, I knew it was going to happen in January but still. I had to write it down. Getting rid of another student loan is a momentous occasion! Especially considering that when Ryan and I got married back in twenty-eleven, we had over a hundred forty thousand dollars of student debt to tackle. In the five and a half years we've been married we've paid off over ninety thousand of it.

Yeah, you read that right. NINETY THOUSAND. In five years.

Thankfully, in the last five years, Ryan got funded through school and I've jumped up a few levels at my job. Both of those have helped A LOT. It also helps (aside from being depressing) that Ryan's ENTIRE paycheck goes towards paying down student loans. 

The next loan we're working on is Ryan's last unsubsidized one. We originally wanted to pay it off in November, but since we bought the house, our finances look a little different. We couldn't keep throwing three grand a month at it but we can still manage to do about eighteen hundred. Here's hoping for a payoff date in next March. *fingers crossed*

And on that depressing note, I'm going to dream about these shrimp tacos. Because they were really super delicious.

Until the next goal update, peace out, lifers.

- Allison Rae

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