Saturday, April 4, 2015

Taco Seasoning

I am a wimp.

Those things up there? Ingredients of pain. Delicious, spicy ingredients of pain. Not like the pain from falling off your bike and having your husband catch you with his knee. That's a completely different type of pain. And another story completely.

This type of pain, though? Mouth-watering. In that you want some water after you mix this blend in with your food.

It could just be me though. I am a wimp. Especially, when it comes to spice.

To me? Mild buffalo wings are spicy. Seasoned french fries? Let's just drown those in ketchup.

And WHATEVER happens. Don't drink hard cider when eating spicy things. Because you know what doesn't help cool down your mouth? HARD CIDER.

I may have learned that lesson the hard way.

This seasoning, though.

It just makes a taco. Or burrito. Or typical mexican food. The two HEAPING tablespoons Ryan adds? It punches you in the face with flavor. Then makes your tongue beg for sweet relief.

Unless of course you're into that sort of thing. In which case, it will praise the spice gods. Feel free to do so now. I'll wait.

Taco Seasoning                

Makes: 8 tbsp          Prep Time: 5 min


   3 tbsp chili powder
1½ tbsp cumin
   1 tbsp black pepper
   1 tbsp salt
1½ tsp   paprika
  ¾ tsp   red pepper flakes
  ¾ tsp   garlic powder
  ¾ tsp   onion powder
  ¾ tsp   oregano


1. Combine all ingredients in a small mixing bowl and whisk to combine.
2. When preparing taco meat, mix 2 tbsp of the seasoning once it's brown and crumbly with juices still in the pan.
3. Store seasoning in airtight container until next use.

Calories: 15 per 2 tbsp

That other story? 

As a little background, Ryan and I bought new pedals and shoes at the end of last year. They're the kind that you "click" together so you can have better efficiency. Over the winter, we installed them and used them with our bikes on the trainers we have. 

Well. Mother Nature decided to bless us with a couple 60°F days. Naturally, we wanted to stretch our legs outdoors rather than in our den of pain. So out we went on our bikes with these fancy new pedals.

To ground you, the shoes, once clipped in, are ON the pedals. Your foot is an extension of the bike. You have to do this crazy footwork to get them unconnected. If you don't, you fall. 

You can probably guess where this is going. First red light we come upon. Standing in the middle of the road. Light turns green. I tip. I scream. I fall. 

Shoulder? Meet Ryan's knee. It was a terrible first impression.

I made it to the sidewalk after avoiding all eye contact with the guy in the truck behind us. Ryan then tried to show me how to not fall. What does he do? Fall. What do I do? Fall again. 

Thankfully we did get our act together to finish the ride. Here's hoping to many more rides this year, without any more bumps or bruises on the way.

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