Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fitness Flash

This past week was tons of fun.

(I hope you read that with sarcasm) I worked late, was poked and prodded, traveled in a car for eight hours, and gave a speech. Oh, and let's not forget I have a potentially fractured rib. Yep. I'm just broken. 

What a joy! With swimming out of the picture for the next four to six weeks, our training plan is going to need some tweaking. Here's how last week shaped up:

It's not as great as I'd hoped but it is what it is right? I tried to swim on Wednesday (on doctor's orders) and felt like I was stabbed with a butcher knife. Apparently that's what a stress fracture in your rib feels like. Who knew?

I am really happy that we were able to run outside on both days. The weather is picking up here and I'm so excited for it! Bring on Spring!

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