Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fitness Flash

I almost became spider-man last week.

Well, sort of. I WAS injected with radioactive stuff. It just didn't give me any special powers. Unless you count my insides glowing when shown on a screen. Then I totally had special powers. Too bad it only lasts for a day or so.

Last weekend was the first one where I didn't have any commitments. And I JAM PACKED it with stuff to do. I swear I don't know how to relax and do nothing. It might be a problem.

Last week was pretty bad ass when it came to exercising. We took off Thursday for my bone scan but other than that I was active every day. I'm still subbing zumba for swimming. And I know it says beginner but I'm on the intermediate difficulty. I'm freaking sweating by the time twenty minutes is up.

Over the weekend, Ryan and I ramped up our run and swim. We can see improvements in pacing on our runs and we KILLED IT on our ride Sunday.

Well. It killed us. Here's how the week shaped up...

We did sort of have good news? All my bone scans and extra x-rays came up empty. So I must've just pulled a side muscle real good. I'm going to give my doctor a call tomorrow to confirm that I can ease back into swimming. Here's hoping.

As far as that other news. Still in limbo. Maybe I'll find out on Thursday? At this point, I just want to know. Can we fast forward through the weekend? I've got some more nothing to plan and relaxing to not do.

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