Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break and Three Day Weekends

As a graduate student, Ryan's got the life. Seriously.

I mean, summers? He's off. The holidays? No school! Mid March? Spring break. And life isn't like that for the rest of us, why?

I guess that's what we have vacation days for. And they're even better when you have an awesome boss who let's you take them with a day's notice. Like literally, I asked for today off, yesterday. She's the BEST. Before I came home and delivered the good news, I tried to find a good argument for going someplace warm. Unfortunately, it's spring break time, so flights are outrageous. And driving south would take twelve plus hours to get north of 50° F. So naturally, we went north, to Burlington, Vermont. 

Home by 5:00p and out the door by 7:00p. That's my kind of spontaneity.

And waking up in Vermont? It was so so nice. There's just something about vacations to quiet places that's very refreshing. It could've been the king sized bed too, though. But let's go with the fresh mountain air, yes?

We were all over the map today. Like it was a let's-get-everything-in-today kind of day. I think we're more tired today than after the three hour drive last night. I mean, we ran today (because tri-training waits for no one!), we searched for Heady Topper, ate ice cream, and bought pie. 

We had samples, ate lunch, then sampled some more.

There were teddy bears, magic hats, and then fries galore.

After all that we couldn't stomach any more. But we sure look forward for what tomorrow has in store.

I hope you got that those last few lines rhymed. You did right? 

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