Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doggone Tired

As an adult, you ask yourself certain questions.

Like what am I doing with my life? Who is this bearded guy next to me in the morning? And, wouldn't it be awesome to have a puppy to cuddle with?

Well, thankfully I know two out of the three answers. That last question took some first hand experience to figure out the answer but you live and learn right? 

That adorable puppy up there? Meet Neeko. He belongs to this great family who had to go to Boston this weekend. Being a self-proclaimed puppy lover, I unwittingly offered to watch him. Granted, it did take some convincing to get Ryan on board. But this morning, this little nugget arrived complete with food, toys, and playful energy.

For whatever intelligent reason, I stayed up until 1:00a last night. Then I woke up at 7:30a to scrub the kitchen floor. By the time Neeko came, I was ready for some cuddles and a nap. The little turd had other ideas. 

While Ryan ran out to the farmer's market to pick up some essentials, Neeko and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. During said walk, we stopped no less than 50 times, he sat in three puddles, and peed once. We also ran into some crazy lady with a pug who told me it was good for us to socialize...

Once we finally got back to the house, I dried him off and settled in for some play time. Five minutes later, we were back outside for another walk. One short block later, he peed again, we went back inside, and I dried him off. Did I mentioned it was raining today? What a joy.

Twenty minutes later, he's whining and crying while staring at the door. Thinking he's homesick and missing his family, I'm doing everything possible to distract him. Well, it turns out, he had to pee. AGAIN. Only, I don't speak dog. So he peed on my kitchen floor. Sigh.

The afternoon was filled with more walks, puppy poop, wiping off paws, him biting my hands, and a well deserved nap (for the both of us). After finally putting him to bed tonight, I think I've come to the realization that I'm into OPPs. Other peoples' puppies. 

It's much like OPBs. Other peoples' babies? You know. You're thinking about having babies and if you're ready. So you offer to babysit, give your friends a much needed night out, and then practice that whole parenting thing. By the end of the night, you're either absolutely in love with the idea of a your own adorable baby or you've had your fill of dirty diapers and the fake crying (which you can't really tell is fake). 

I'm very much on the latter end. At the end of the night, I'm really glad to go home. Back to my childless den of selfishness. Much like I'm ready to get back to my lazy weekends filled with sleep, exercise, and terrible food decisions. 

Is it Sunday afternoon yet? I'm ready for that cute ball of fur to go back.

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