Friday, January 22, 2016

Thank God it's the Weekend

It's official, I'm back.

It feels COMPLETELY surreal. I mean, I'm very glad to be home. But there's also some things I'm not so glad about. Like these unpacked boxes and my freezing cold kitchen. And all these boxes. Did I mention that there's unpacked boxes? I guess that's what happens when you move two weeks before you move to another country. Someone remind me to never to do that. ever. again. kthxbye.

But there's so much that I miss about Germany. I miss the food. I miss the culture. I miss the weather. Strangest thing ever, I know. It just felt so comfortable. Ryan and I lived in a bubble. It was a wonderful, just-the-two-of-us bubble. Now, we live in an us-and-everyone-else bubble. It's now a bubble filled with real responsibilities, family schedules to juggle, two full time job schedules on top of fitness goals and house chores. Someone bring back my bubble!

Anyway, enough with my demands. Here's what's keeping me sane...

Buying and hanging these awesome prints from a local shop in the kitchen this weekend.

Visiting the local farmer's market and signing up for a CSA with our favorite farm.

Menu planning and sneaking this, this, and these into next week's meals. 

Eating a dozen donuts from the best bakery in town. I swear, a whole dozen.

Coming up with ideas on how to wrap these souvenirs we bought for everyone.

Figuring out how to get sugary cereal on the grocery list for these without Ryan suspecting anything.

Scheduling a hair cut and freshen up my style. I'd love to be daring and go short but it'll probably end up just being a trim.

Pretending the boxes scattered around don't exist and sitting down to color.

Because this is just out. of. control. Please send help. 

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