Monday, January 11, 2016

Germany: Düsseldorf

Today, marked my fifth time in Düsseldorf. The fifth of six trips I'll make there. 

The first time, of course, was when I first landed in Germany to start this whole crazy adventure. The second time was to pick up my missing half. Even jet lagged, my husband is still the most handsome man I know. Those first days were some of my favorite as I showed him Cologne and introduced him to the city where we'd live for the next four and a half months together.

The third and fourth times were just day trips. The first one, during oktoberfest, when our meals consisted of french fries, french fries and apple strudel with warm vanilla cream. Which, by the way, is absolute heaven. We walked down the infamous Königsallee, only daring to peak in the windows to see the prices at Burberry, Hermes, and Prada. I'm pretty sure all we could afford there would be buttons. But who goes and asks for a button? Crazy people who are too cheap to buy anything else! Anyway. And that day, Ryan stepped in dog shit. We spent a half an hour in that park trying to get it out of his shoe. It still makes me laugh.

The second day trip was during the christmas season when we visited every. single. christmas. market. And we struggled to not buy a wurst of some sort at every. single. market. If it's one thing Germans have down, it's meat. And it all looks so delicious. It's almost unfair.

That leaves us with today, my fifth time to Düsseldorf, when I dropped Ryan off at the airport where he would fly home. 

Now, I'll be counting down the days until I make my sixth and final trip there. So I can fly home. Home, home. 

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