Friday, January 15, 2016

Thank God it's the Weekend

I know I still have some time left here in Cologne, but today has been truly bittersweet.

It's this culmination of five and a half months of experiences. Moments strung together by adventures and work and growth. These months have been nothing short of incredible. Life should come with a pause button so you can take it all in while it's happening. 

I tried this week. I tried to take a couple seconds and look at everything just one beat longer. Just an extra second to catch one more detail, one more tidbit. It's just too hard! 

And even as I want to slow down time and just take in every. last. bit. I'm trying to fast forward through these days until I'm home, home. I'm netflix and chilling with myself. I've watched home, the emperor's new groove, and the entire first season of sing it on. Which, by the way, was so, so good. I had a moment when a group from my alma mater was shown for a split second. I literally jumped out of my seat and hit my head on the light over the kitchen table. I rewatched that second like ten times and texted Ryan immediately. 

I left out that they were on for like point three seconds, because he'd probably think I was insane for getting that excited about point three seconds. BUT HELLO. Our guys won the ICCA quarter finals last year!

Anyway. I have so many plans for this weekend and I can't wait to get started. First up? Remembering some of these life lessons. Especially 36. And 9. Definitely 9. I'm glad someone wrote that down. Now, I can point it out to Ryan.

And because I absolutely can't resist..."wrong lever!"

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