Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Love Day

I think baking's my favorite.

I mean, besides Ryan. Ryan's my favorite. But baking? It's a close second. I love it. I like trying new recipes. Because what's not to love about baked goods?

The only problem is that all these recipes are for like entire cakes and it's just Ryan and I. Two people trying to lose weight and train for triathlons don't need to eat entire cakes. I mean, it's tempting, but no.

So I make all these things on Thursday and bring them to work on Fridays. I have all my coworkers trained that Fridays I bring in baked goods. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. One week I didn't deliver and was asked where the Friday treats were.

This week I really wanted to try this frosting recipe and I knew I wouldn't have time on Thursday night to make it because, clearly, my priorities.

So I woke up early on Thursday morning and baked German Chocolate Cupcakes. Then I ran home at lunch and made the cherry frosting, leaving the clean up to Ryan. Seriously, I left him this Thursday afternoon.

After about five hours of sleep, I woke up early again on Friday and frosted said cupcakes. Since I had extra time, my mind went into overdrive and I made heart-shaped bunting! I was so excited I woke up Ryan early to see it. His sleep-deprived state of impressed wasn't exactly the level I was looking for, but he did help me carry all the cupcakes down to the car. I call that a win. 

The real win, though, was finally coming home to Ryan after a really long week. Pizza and deep-fried oreos didn't hurt either. The crispy M&Ms waiting for me to open are just the sugar-coated candy (literally) on top.

So Happy Valentine's Day. I hope yours is full of love.

And maybe cupcakes. They're pretty good.

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