Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fitness Flash

I'm officially running. Like full on running. I love it.

I'm also back into cycling. Like actually cycling. I'm still on those stupid stationary bicycles but I also did a workout back on my own bike in my own den of pain. It's glorious.

Okay and maybe just a bit painful. But in a good way, you know?

On Monday, I'm going to talk to my physical therapist about cutting back on the days I go in. Because as much as I love going, I have a solid plan for getting back up to my old 5k pace and distance, I have a set of stretches that work, and the $40 co-pay twice a week is starting to add up.

This week felt busy but I think it's a step towards how our triathlon training is going to be. Here's how it shaped up:

I love that I'm doing training workouts on my own bike. It's been so long and I felt like I was going through withdrawal. I know Ryan's tried some other GCN workouts but I've only ever done the one. I'm going to bother him about trying some of those other ones this week, though. 

What are your plans for this week? Are you trying anything new?

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