Saturday, February 7, 2015

DIY: Tablet Holder

The other week, my absolute favorite cutting board broke. 

It was like losing an arm. I almost wanted to give it a funeral. Almost. Until I realized I could finally make myself the tablet holder I've been dying for.

I mean, even before Ryan was amazing enough to buy me my awesome tablet, I dreamed about making a tablet holder. Once I finally had the tablet, I was on the hunt for the perfect cutting board.

Turns out I had it all along. Right in my cabinet. Now, fully broken in. No Pun intended.

Most of the ideas you find on Pinterest involve Scrabble tile holders or other wooden parts. I looked for those in Hobby Lobby and Michael's but didn't turn up with anything. Instead, I found a mini easel, meant for canvases, that I could use to prop up the cutting board and tablet.

For $1.79 I couldn't go wrong.

I used Gorilla Glue and my wood clamps to piece my poor cutting board back together. Because glue expands as it dries, I was super careful to wipe up the foam when it seeped out.

I love the texture the board has from being well used and it's a beautiful background for my tablet.

Since I had the glue and cutting board on hand, the only damage was the easel. Which is always a plus for the budget conscious Ryan. Instead of buying a pre-made tablet holder from the craft store for $19.95, I'm only out $1.79. And I think this looks much better.

But I could be biased. I mean, it's still my favorite, now non-functional, cutting board. 

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