Wednesday, March 1, 2017

later gator - february report out

Can we talk about this for a second?

Last week I placed third in the 75,000 step challenge. I did 89,467 steps and placed third. THIRD. The winner? 114,752. I mean, really?!

I didn't get 10,000 steps each day in February but between walking and running I got in 299,432 for the whole month. Not too too shabby.

I still haven't been in the pool but I managed to do a total of 27.34 miles cycling in the pain cave where I'm binging Girls Meets World. Which, by the way, who else is upset that it was cancelled after season three?!

For running, I originally wanted to do a hundred miles. But February is a short month and it was personally challenging for me. All in all I did sixty-three and a half miles. Here's hoping a run plan will help with some consistency.

For March, my plan has me right around ninety miles running. I want to try hard to bike three times a week. And I'm going to make it in the pool come hell or high water this month, starting Sunday.

What are your goals for March? Running? Biking? Swimming? How does your exercise plan look?

Until the end of March, peace out, lifers.

- Allison Rae

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