Monday, March 6, 2017

monday rewind

Do you see that teeny, tiny sliver down there?! It might just look like an extra thick line...but I assure you. it. is. there.


And I'm happy to say that it's as wonderful and therapeutic as I remember. It's just so exciting to be back in the pool after not swimming for over a year. Yep. A year. 

Thank God for muscle memory!

Ryan has a completely different feeling about swimming and probably hates every time I tell him we should get in the pool. 

Last week, I completed my entire run plan. You know who felt awesome?! Me! I only did one run inside and that was because it was freaking cold and the temperatures dipped below zero (fahrenheit) with the wind chill. 

So remember how last week I placed third in the Garmin 75,000 Step Challenge with 89,467 steps? Well this week I whooped ass and came in first. Total steps? 81,987. It's so subjective. And I just saw they bumped me up to the 80,000 Step Challenge this week. 

This week, on top of cycling three times, swimming twice, and running err day, I want to incorporate the exercises my physical therapist gave me. I started going again back in February to get rid of my tailbone pain for good. Here's hoping I see some improvement.

Maybe some speed gains too?

What's your goal for this week? Are you trying anything new? 

Until the next rewind, peace out, lifers.

- Allison Rae

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