Saturday, November 12, 2016

it's good to be back

I'm not going to lie, when I first wrote that I typed out bake.

I think because that's been on my mind since I've been back stateside. Well that and work, running lots, and avoiding political ads. Which, are officially now over.

Thank. You. Cheesus.

I know I'm not really accomplishing all of my seventeen before seventeen but I am plugging away at them and checking some off my list.

Top priority right now is trying new recipes. And Ryan and I are plugging away. We've made:

 ▪ trader joe's pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting (delish!),

 ▪ these peanut butter cookies (which a little light on peanut butter),

 ▪ added hershey kisses to these peanut butter cookies for some blossoms (almost there),

 ▪ the best peanut butter cookies ever to have been made (although it might be the filling),

 ▪ harvest loaves from a back-of-the-pan recipe (which needed so much more spice), and

 ▪ a hearty pot roast that was more like a stew than soup (worth making again).

Of course there's so many more things to try. Just look at my pinterest boards. They hold quite a few. And then there's my other list. You know the list of recipes from the cookbooks sitting on your kitchen shelf that you're dying to try? THAT list.

And then there's ones that pop up like triple layer dulce de leche brownie cookie bars. How can you go by a week without trying these?

You can't. I'll tell you about them soon.

Until then. Peace out, cub scouts.

- Allison Rae

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