Sunday, September 25, 2016

seventeen before twenty-seventeen

When I first came across the idea of creating a list of seventeen things to do before I rang in 2017, I was immediately in love. Mainly because it incorporates my love of lists and my love of setting outrageous goals for myself.

Thirty seconds later, I flipped to a brand new page in my bullet journal (because I've become one of those people) and started writing. I had fourteen ideas down when I enthusiastically told Ryan about my new prerogative.

His immediate reaction was, "Oh God, here we go."

Because he knows that I often come up with crazy, unattainable goals. And I mean CRAZY. I once started a greatist challenge while increasing my mileage training for a half marathon. Both of which never got finished.

But, I beat him to the punch. My mindset going into this endeavor wasn't to go all or nothing. I wanted to make sure these were achievable but still challenging goals. 

With my first fourteen goals "Ryan Approved" I finished up the last three earning approval by the end of the day. Some are a little vague but I have notes in my bujo (oh how I love that term!) explaining more about what my complete goals actually are.

Without further ado, my goals...

If you had to create a list of seventeen things to do before you ring in 2017, what would some of them be? What would be the one thing you want to do by the end of the year?

Until the next checklist. Peace out, cub scouts.

- A. Rae

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