Sunday, May 3, 2015

All the Pretty Colors

I am super excited that Spring has finally decided to arrive. 

It was like mother nature decided to flip a switch May 1st and bring on the color and the weather. A double whammy for putting up with that cold shit this past winter. I'm super happy about the change.

The days are getting longer, the nights are beautiful, and the air just smells nice. That fresh cut grass smell? One of my favorites. Somebody needs to bottle that up. They'd make a killing.

If all goes as planned, Ryan and I will be moving downstairs into a three bedroom apartment towards the end of the month. We'll have direct access to the backyard and I pretty much have free reign to garden to my heart's delight! We're also really excited for all the extra storage space. There are closets GALORE. It'll beat the three closets and attic we're currently working with.

I'm going to miss our apartment though. It has mostly south west facing windows with afternoon light that makes you want to curl up and cozy. It's just so pretty. And it was our first place as a couple. Our first home, you know?

I can tell you I'm not looking forward to moving though. All the boxing up stuff; getting all our crap down from the attic. I hate that part. And looking at the calendar, the weekend the move would fall on is when our first triathlon is. So that might get pushed...the move not the tri. We've already trained wayyyyy too much to give up on it now.

Part of the responsibilities that come with the downstairs apartment is cleaning the front hall and taking care of the lawn. The boys before us did a crap job last year and I'm looking forward to taking pride in my renter-ship. The fruit of my labors will actually bring fruit from the pear trees in the backyard. And now that we have a door right to the yard. there will be so much more outdoor cooking. There's so much I want to do and I can't wait to start on it all.

For now, I'll just be relaxing and planning. I have a feeling this to do list will be a few pages long.... You know, there's boxes to find, light fixtures to upgrade, rooms to be painted.... The list goes on

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