Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fitness Flash

I am getting excited for this triathlon.

Ryan and I drove out last Saturday to Cooperstown and did a little recon on the bike course. We must've looked at the map twelve times before we rode out and still had to look at it again during the ride. It was a bit of a warm ride but it's a great little course through fairly quiet roads.

As of today, there's only nineteen days left until the tri. While we were in Cooperstown we scoped out the lake where we'll start. I know we're both pretty nervous that we're going to be cold, but after touching the water and riding the course I think we're going to be okay. There's no lifeguards yet so we couldn't get in and test out our wet suits.

We trained pretty well last week (at least, I feel good) and here's how it shaped up:

It feels so good to swim again. But pool swimming is a bit different than open water swimming. Thankfully the first time we do an open water swim is before the triathlon. I always get weirded out by stuff touching my feet. For some reason I think my feet will get tangled, I'll be pulled down, and I'll drown. No better time for an irrational fear to get you than when you're competing in a race. So for Memorial Day we're going up North to visit with Ryan's family. While we're up there, we're going to try to swim in the St. Lawrence River when we visit his sister's family as they camp at Cole's Creek. 

Since we were out in Cooperstown and it was an absolutely beautiful day, we took a different way home along a scenic biway. The way there took about two hours but this other route took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Although a little bit longer, since I had Ryan stop a few times along the way. 

He's the bestest. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life.

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