Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fitness Flash

Are you guys watching Married at First Sight? I am totally hooked.

I love, love, love Jaclyn and Ryan R. They're the most adorable couple. I know that Jaclyn wasn't all into Ryan at first, but I'm so glad she's on him like white on rice. I love love! Jessica and Ryan D. make me want to bash their heads together. He tries to be funny in a way she doesn't get and she doesn't say anything. HELLO. Communication is key! They both need to get over that hurdle and start gabbing. Davina and Sean are both cry asses. I have a sneaking feeling that they're not going to make it and I feel bad for Sean. Davina doesn't know how to compromise and it's so sad. Like he's a sweet guy. Holy crap, just give a little will ya?!

If I can put up with Ryan's shenanigans, these people can put up with each other. Geesh.

This past week was a rest week in our training plan. We were especially lax, I think. But we did go for a hike around a local island on Wednesday. The weather and sun were perfect. We moseyed but it felt good.

After riding to and from work on Thursday (1 out of 50!), I rode my bike to my first softball game of the year. Which, of course, was awful. We lost something like 28-7. I'm just going to remind myself each game that pitching is not as easy as it looks and I'm much better at right field.

Now that I'm cleared for swimming we added that back in. I was so happy to be back at it. I swear the warm up is the hardest part. The main part of the swim came right back. My technique is a little off but a good base is there.

Last but not least, we had an obligatory run on Sunday. Aaaand it was after about two hours of yardwork. What a joy. Halfway through the run I was psyching myself out and had to stop and walk to catch my breath. I'm going to blame it on the heat.

Here's how the week shaped up...

This is the last month of our training plan. In 26 days, I'll be waking up at the ass crack of dawn to swim 800 meters, cycle 18 miles, and then run three. I'm currently terrified and insanely excited. We've booked the hotel, ordered our triathlon suits, and my multi-sport/activity tracker watch and heart rate monitor are set to arrive sometime next week. I feel like it's just going way too fast. Can we just slow down a bit? Please?

Pretty please?

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