Friday, February 19, 2016

Thank God it's the Weekend

I enjoy living in the same city I grew up in. It's even kinda neat that I now live in the same apartment I spent the first 16 years of my life in. But, sometimes, it's like you never grew up.

Like today. I went out to lunch with a few coworkers to a place that's been around forever. Like if you're under forty, chances are you're the youngest person in the place. In the rush of the lunch crowd I noticed two very familiar faces. One was my middle school math teacher and the second, his daughter, was my high school math teacher. Like WHAT were the chances?

It was great to chat with them for a couple minutes and catch up. And it felt good to tell them I had a math degree (along with a couple other ones) and that I fell in love with someone who was passionate about math too. At the end of it all, my high school teacher said, "you look the same as you did ten years ago." But I couldn't help feeling a little mix of emotions. So so much has happened in the nearly eleven years since I left high school. How can you put that all into a few minutes of conversation? How can you fit your life, this exciting, vibrant experience, into a condensed version? Do you? Do you even try?

While I ponder that, I'll be multitasking with these:

Not sure if this is genius or heinous. Maybe an idea for next year?

Printing off these ballots for the academy awards next weekend and planning a menu because there's a party happening #chateaulabarge!

Saving up for this jeep wagoneer when it rolls off production lines in 2018.

Thinking about buying this for Ryan since he's been obsessed with the normal sized one for about a week now.

Trying another smoothie recipe in hopes of finding something delicious.

Writing out the menu for this upcoming week and including this chicken.

Making a before thirty list and including some of these. Like 9, 16, and 28. 30, of course, is already on my list for this year.

What's on deck for you this weekend?

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