Friday, February 12, 2016

Thank God it's the Weekend

Are you doing anything for valentine's day this weekend? Ryan and I celebrated early and went on a date day. We spent it driving around, running errands, eating ridiculously big burger, and picking up new desks. Which were our presents to ourselves. Ones that we had to assemble. Together. Which, of course, never cause any marital problems, whatsoever.

But with the desks put together it's like getting the last gear in place before you can get the engine running. Now, it's just time to unpack the rest of it.

Here's what I'm procrastinating with:

Thinking I should put zumba back into my workout routine.

Trying out new protein shakes recipes, because I can't make up any good ones.

Figuring out if there's a way to sneak this by Ryan before he realizes it's a fortune.

Wondering why anyone thought this would be a good idea (but also secretly wanting a trip!).

Hoping my house gets settled sometime before easter so I can do things like this.

Adding this to next week's menu, grill may or may not be included.

Convincing Ryan that this could be a really good idea.

Stocking up on swingtop bottles so I can start making these. Hello bread, here I come.

What are you up to this weekend?

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