Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday Catch Up


Whoever said life goes by in the blink of an eye could not have been more right. It's December and I've been here for four months. FOUR MONTHS! Between traveling and running and binging on Netflix life. is. flying. Too fast. But I'm happy it is. Because it means I'm closer to being home. Like HOME, home. Home, in the house I grew up in, home. Home, in the city I'm so used to, home. Home, where my family is and where my in-laws are only four hours away, home. 

Life here is really good though, and sometimes I forget that. Maybe I just need to wait another four months to really appreciate having lived here.


I know I mentioned it already but it bears repeating...I'm officially signed up for my first half marathon! The more I say it, the more excited I get. Maybe by the time it gets here, and I've said it five thousand times, I'll actually want to run it. That and by the time I'm finished with our half marathon training program there'll be no reason NOT to run it. I'm going to completely ignore the fact that we also signed up for three triathlons because they're not until the summer.

But as we work through the program we definitely get encouraged by the improvements we see. Like a new fastest mile (10:05) and a new personal record for the 5K (33:36). Ryan works in a fifth run day every week so he can do speed work since we run together at my slower pace. 

And since I'm a real glutton for punishment, I convinced Ryan to add more exercises on top of that training. You know, for fun. Greatist put out their first challenge since July and I jumped riigghhtt on that band wagon. I would like to mention that it's currently day ten and I fully regret my decision. My entire body is sore. So, so sore. 

Only twenty more days to go!


I saw this card on instagram the other day and it's definitely starting to feel like christmas. I can't say look like, because for one, we still don't have a tree or really any decorations up, and two, it doesn't seem to snow here. Which is a major bummer because snow is my favorite part of the holidays. 

Which is why I could never live in, say, Florida. Frozen States Forever!

Anyway, I'm trying to convince Ryan that we need to get a puppy when we get home. You know, for health reasons. He likes the idea but isn't quite ready to give up his "lack of responsibilities." I think he sees it as his glory days ending. Picking up and going somewhere on a whim is pretty cool. Picking up dog poop of the daily? Not so cool. 

We may not be exchanging big presents this year (unless you count five pound bags of gummy bears big) but we will be visiting each and every christmas market Cologne has to offer. Drinking gl├╝hwein all along the way. It's definitely not a bad way to celebrate this adventure we've had.

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