Friday, December 18, 2015

Thank God it's the Weekend

I can't believe it's been four and a half months since I jumped the pond. As true as it is, it's still super weird to say you're an immigrant. It's weird, right? I mean, expat, immigrant; tomaTO, toMATo. So weird.

Anyway, I am definitely counting down the days until I get to kiss the ground in Newark. Gross? Yes. Needed? Probably not. But it's home (sort of).

In the meantime Ryan and I are steamrolling through these last couple months.

We binged on Master of None over one weekend when that hit Netflix. So, so good.

Which of course turned into us currently slamming through Parks and Rec. Because, hello, Aziz Ansari. I almost gave up on it in the first season, because I thought it was absolutely horrendous, but then there was season two, and three, and we just finished season four. It keeps getting better and BETTER.

For our next binge sesh (yep) I'm going to push for a weekend marathon of Harry Potter. Mainly because I read this article and then the first movie was on tv the next night. IT WAS A SIGN.

Speaking of signs. You know you're old when they do "where are they now" articles about your favorite cartoons growing up. But as a nineties kid, knowing what the Rugrats and Hey Arnold! crowd are doing now completes my life.

Is that bad?

Probably, just not as bad as relating to Spongebob. Honestly though, I think anyone can relate to thirteen. And that second one? THAT'S MY LIFE. EVERY. MORNING. You know, since the sun doesn't come up until like noon.

I'm not sure I'll ever stop laughing about nine. "Oh Neptune."

While I dream about this delicious, cheesy crostini, I'm going to the Haribo Outlet. To help keep my mind off all the things I miss from my kitchen. It's very logical.

After that, Ryan's going to let me run freely through more christmas markets so I can spend my life savings on all the tchotchke things. (And yes, I googled how to spell that.)

Lastly, I'd just like to say that Emily Blunt is one lucky SOB. I'd like to come home to this every day.

Sorry cutie. I still like coming home to your beard though.

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