Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Eating to Run or Running to Eat

Three thousand six hundred fifty-nine miles. 

That's how many miles the google tells me we are from home. And that's how many miles I am from all things that remind me of the holidays. But even the gray, rainy skies aren't enough to keep us from celebrating. 

For thanksgiving, we smuggled in bell's seasoning and spent too much on a teeny tiny turkey. I made a pie from scratch, like I always do, but had to improvise with some of my tools. Instead of using my food processor, I blended the dough with a fork. And did you know, empty wine bottles work as great replacements for MIA rolling pins. Just in case rolling pins aren't included your next apartment (#firstworldproblems).

It's kind of sad that there's no more pie leftover for breakfast but, as much as it pains me, it's probably for the best. Even though I'm convinced apple pie is great fuel for running. Because that training schedule hasn't let up. AT. ALL. And Ryan's a sadist...making me run in the cold and rain.

But! We're officially signed up for our first half marathon! So this training better pay off.

My goal is to run the entire race. No stopping. No walking. Just straight running. Even though Ryan thinks I should have a time goal. Like his, which is run it under two hours.  Mine would NOT be two hours. It'd be like two hours forty minutes. So I hope he has fun waiting around at that finish line. There better be a donut at the end.

Because let's face it, I run to eat.

Somehow everything just tastes better after you work your ass off for it. Don't you think?

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