Thursday, August 13, 2015

The New Normal

To say that this last month and a half has been a whirlwind would be an understatement.

The weeks have flown right on by with just non-stop action. Man, once you get to be an adult, days just pass on by. And at this point I need them to keep on hurrying since it's still seventeen more days until I can see my husband. But more on that later.

So since late June, Ryan and I switched apartments. We traded our 800 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom apartment for a 1200 square foot three bedroom, one and a half bath apartment. I'm pretty sure most of it is still in boxes on the floor. 

In July, we competed in our second triathlon ever. And I have to say it went MUCH better than the first. Instead of completing the race together we both went our own pace and finished separately. The swim was great for me and I had great speed on the bike. I struggled on the run, walking some of it. Overall, I finish dead center for women, but first in my division. Which is pretty neat. Ryan I think finished third or fourth in his age group. He took his time on the swim and then rocked it on the bike and run. We both walked away with some Ommegang glasses for our efforts.

The day after our triathlon, Ryan and I went to Maine and celebrated our fourth anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been that long since it feels like just yesterday we went on our honeymoon. I have to say that Portland, Maine is one of our favorite places to go. It's the perfect speed for both of us and we're already thinking about our next trip there.

Two short weeks after we came home, I packed four bags, went to the airport, and moved to Germany. Without my husband. I'm not sure in what world I thought it was a great idea. But two weeks ago it happened. And I'm here. With a cold. Thank you germy people on the airplane.

My days are pretty much like clockwork. I wake up before my alarm. Get ready. Drive eighteen minutes to work then walk twenty minutes to my building. I woke until five or six in the evening. Walk to my car and then drive home. I'll walk 500 meters to the local store and buy stuff for dinner. Come home, cook, eat, wash dishes. I finish the day talking with Ryan and getting a bath. Sleep, then repeat.

I've only been here two weekends, one with jet lag and 12 mile blisters, and another with absolutely no sense of direction or motivation to leave the apartment. My exploring has been to the local botanical garden and to find the restaurant where I was having dinner with a friend. Very glamorous, let me tell you.

I think I underestimated how out of place I would feel. On days when I'm brave enough to ask someone if they speak English, 90% of the time they tell me, "Nein." The other days, I hold up fingers and point, almost wishing I was actually mute.

My routine for the next few days is going to be a little off. Because not only will I not be talking to anyone here, I will also not be talking to my husband. He's currently driving to a math conference in Indiana. Which was exactly why he didn't join me right away.

So for the next six days, I'll be having a Netflix binge. Maybe a little exploring, depending on how needy I get for human contact. But here's hoping I can get my quota from these documentaries I found. 

The only thing that would make my weekend complete would be ordering pizza and not moving from the couch. Too bad that won't happen.

Has it been seventeen days yet?

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