Sunday, August 16, 2015

To wurst or not to wurst: Is that the question?

By now, two weeks into living in Germany, how much wurst should I have eaten?

Five? Ten wursts? What exactly is the right number? 

What if the actual number was one? Because that's actually how many I've had. One. On my first day here I tried curry wurst. Which, if you're not familiar with curry wurst, is basically a bratwurst COVERED in ketchup then sprinkled with curry spice. And when I say covered, I mean dredged in it. Just this bratwurst in a sea of ketchup. So, so much ketchup.

Since then? ZERO WURST.

I'm going to chalk it up to wanting tastes from home. Really anything to remind me of home. That means risotto, parmesan pasta, cinnamon toast crunch, froot loops, and peanut butter. Let me just mention that the cereal over here IS NOT the cereal from home. It's missing about ninety percent of the sugary goodness. Good for my health? Sure. What I'm looking for? Not in the slightest.

I've prepped quite a few meals for this week, none of which include wurst. I figure once those are finished I'll start indulging in Germany's delicacies.

After my pity party this past week, I decided the only way it could get better was if I became an old pro at getting around. So yesterday, I went exploring, followed my curiosity and got lost. The only goal I set was to go all the way to Chlodwigplatz, which is at the bottom of the city.

That was of course after I tortured myself and went for a run in the morning. It did feel great to go out though. It's been about four weeks since I last ran and I think it's going to be fun getting back into it. AFTER my quads decide they can work again.

The first stop, which is right by my flat, was the Cologne Sculpture Park. Free to the public, the park has over two dozen sculptures and some that are interactive. My favorite one was this tower structure you could climb up to see an overview of the park. Even though Ryan's not artsy I'm going to drag him there and make him climb it. Sucker.

By midday, I had found a sort of city fair in Heumarkt, the memorial at St. Alban, and freshly baked pizza. After that, I found the English Shop and bought more tastes of home: peanut butter and grape jelly. Which, I'm happy to report, taste exactly how I need them to.

Finding my way, I made it to the city wall and then finally Chlodwigplatz. Each part of Cologne seems to be their own little city. Chlodwigplatz is absolutely no different. This neighborhood even has a massive city gate. Whatever neighborhood you find yourself in is pretty neat and magical. Especially considering that most of the city was destroyed in World War II. It's even more amazing that the really historic Roman architecture can still be seen in some places.

All in all I walked about twelve miles yesterday after my two mile run. If you ask me, that's pretty impressive. But then again, I'm no marathoner...yet.

Today? Today's for cleaning, laundry, and Netflix. Oh, and wine. Because who doesn't want to watch documentaries on English castles and estates while sipping rosé? Hmm? Seriously, PBS for the win.

And if you're ever walking the streets of Cologne and don't know where you are. This helpful building will kindly remind you, you're in Germany.

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