Friday, August 21, 2015

Life without Connections

I lost the internet for two days and nearly lost my mind.

You know those stages of grief? Ohhh man. If you could've only seen me on Tuesday night. I had no access to the internet, which meant really no open form of communication with Ryan. AND absolutely no way to distract myself from the unholy hell I was living.

It was the worst possible thing I could imagine. And I swear, I'm not being overly dramatic. Well, maybe just a little. But really, NO.

In the next six months, I'll have spent almost 30% of my time being apart from Ryan. That's 56 days without my husband. Fifty. Six. Days. Ugh. And that's just the physical separation. Having more days not being able to talk is just unacceptable. Who thought moving to Germany was a good idea?

Clearly, I need my head examined.

Once Ryan is here, in nine seemingly endless days, I'm going to drag his ass to every large European city and then more. I want this wanderlust beaten out of me. I want to be so tired of traveling that, by the time I get home in six months, I just want to curl up at home and not come out for a month. 

After that, maybe I'll want to stick to my own country for a while. I freaking hope so.

I have one and a half more weekends on my own before Ryan arrives next Sunday at the ass crack of dawn. I am so, so excited to have him here with me. I was just telling him today how much I missed him and how I can't wait to see him again. He IS my other half. My days are just so much better with him. I can't wait!

This weekend I'm keeping busy by going to a few museums around Cologne. I explored most of the city and its landmarks the past few weekends, but I haven't visited any thing like museums. There are some I'm saving for when Ryan gets here (an intelligent person put a Chocolate Museum and a Wine Museum in the same city).  And then I'm hitting up the more artsy ones tomorrow. Mainly, to save Ryan from being bored but dutifully following me around.

A run, cleaning, and the farmer's market will round it out. And probably more Netflix.

Okay, okay. DEFINITELY more Netflix.

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