Friday, June 26, 2015

Top Five Friday

1. Every Friday I make some treat to bring into work. It started as snacks or desserts I wanted to try but didn't want to eat all of. Because really who makes half a pie? Now? Now, I've created monsters. If I don't bring something in I get an interrogation on why there's no goodies.

I made sm'arshmallows for today because it was WAY to hot to turn on the oven and make coconut macarons like I've been planning. Maybe next week.

2. I booked our plane tickets to and from Germany yesterday. It may finally be setting in that I'm moving to a foreign country in 36 days. Help!

3. Ryan and I have a vacation planned for our anniversary in July. It's also happens to be one week before I leave for Germany. We have no idea where we're going but it's most likely going to be somewhere in Maine. Because Maine is our place. We love it there. It's just hard to justify a vacation when we're going to be backpacking every weekend in Europe.

4. I haven't read a book in FOREVER. I have a few downloaded on my kindle but I don't have any motivation to start reading them. I think I need a better book. Any suggestions?

5. This weekend is going to be crazy. We have two birthday parties, some moving, and a lot of exercise to get in. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends but I'm really looking forward to getting reacquainted with the back of my eyelids. We're having a love hate relationship right now.

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