Saturday, June 20, 2015

Our Kind of Museum

Cooperstown, New York. First thought. Ready...go!

Was it baseball? You know, because that's where the Baseball Hall of Fame is? Sadly, it's not mine. Baseball just isn't my thing. Sorry dad. 

I could be biased, but my first thought of Cooperstown is triathlons. My very close second thought is the Farmer's Museum. And yes. There is such a thing. It's this awesome collection of everything you would find in a historic small farming community. They even moved old local buildings all into one place to create this teeny tiny town. The best part is it's a FREAKING WORKING FARM. 

HELLO ADORABLE. I wish I could have stole him. I am definitely holding Ryan to his promise  of goats one day.

The museum's main building had all the basic history about farms. There were different tools from different time periods. Different versions of sleds and carriages. They even showed different techniques of how barns were built.

Out in the "town," there were a host of characters who all held different jobs. It was so fantastic to see these real people creating things using historic tools and recipes. We talked with a weaver, we spoke with an apprentice at the print shop. We even visited the pharmacist who was making ginger pellets to soothe stomachs.

It's kind of neat to think about how everything fit in that world. Like, maybe the Amish have the right idea? Simple is better? But then I wouldn't have things like this blog. Or an awesome camera that captures pictures that I can look at for years to come. And I would probably be wearing some heavy clothes that covered me from tip to toe.

I think I'll stick with today... long as I can still have a turkey. Maybe a sheep, too? 

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