Friday, August 5, 2016

a pledge to the run

They say that third time's the charm. For me and running, I'd have to agree. I tried, twice before, to start running and on the third time it finally stuck.

Two years ago, that third time was just starting. I did a couch-to-5k and on my first race in November I finished with a 12:46 pace. It definitely wasn't fast but I did it. No walking, no stopping, just running.

More than a year after I started running, with over a hundred miles under my belt, I completed my first four mile run. I had been in Germany for two months and was just climbing out of my self-imposed pity party.

My pace? 12:43.

Nearly a year later, with nearly five hundred more miles in and back in Germany, I've finished yet another four mile run.

My pace? 10:43.

Now, two years into this, I couldn't be happier that I ran/walked that first mile. For each and every one of those steps, I've taken countless more. On and off the road.

So here's my pledge. To the run. No matter how far. No matter the time. I owe it to me.

Until the next runventure. Godspeed, apple seed.

- A. Rae

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