Friday, July 22, 2016

you are the best thing

I met my soul mate the month before I turned twenty. Forty-seven short months later, I married him. And now, we're here. Five years later.

In those five years, there've been big things: our honeymoon cruise, our first roadtrip together, our first apartment(!), five job changes, our second apartment, moving to Germany (twice), our european adventures (oktoberfest!), and our mediterranean cruise.

And there've been small things: new hobbies (brewing!), our first (and second) 5k, and our first (two) triathlons.

Even before that hot day in July, you were my best friend. And now, five years later, I'm still right where I belong. Next to my best friend. My husband.

You listen to my dreams for the future, saying they're yours too. And you keep me grounded, showing me how to enjoy the present.

You always, always know how to make me smile. In the best times and even in my worst times, you make me infinitely happy.

You encourage me to try new food (and even some again and again) to open my world to new flavors and fantastic dishes.

Your jokes and one liners always make me laugh. And your laugh, your infectious laugh, is my favorite.

You are the kindest person, putting up with my shit and calling me on it when it's too much.

You are my champion in health and fitness, constantly reminding me how great I'm doing, even when I complain.

You are still the only hand I want to hold on our walks, no matter the weather.

And even though you are the smelliest farter I have ever met, that somehow makes me happy.

Because I love everything you are. Each and every piece of you. You are the half that makes me whole. The half that makes me better.

Your quiet strength and support let me be just me.

Don't ever forget Ryan, you are the best thing, that's ever happened to me.

I love you, cutie.

- Me

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