Sunday, October 4, 2015

Germany: Cologne Zoo and Aquarium

I think I've officially tapped out every touristy thing to do in Cologne.

Rounding out the list? A visit to the Cologne Zoo, Aquarium, and Insectarium.

If you're wondering if the insectarium is as gross as it sounds, you can bet your bottom dollar it is. The first thing you see is an empty butterfly enclosure, followed by a two foot long millipede. As soon as Ryan saw a tarantula the size of his face we NOPED right out of there and headed to the land of all things cuddly and fluffy.

Not that you can actual cuddle with a tiger, but there were cows, chickens, and turkeys you could pet. And those are much more pleasant to look at than a freaking spider. 

It's hard to choose my favorite part of the day. Although it would have been feeding giraffes, if that had been a thing. Ryan attempting to order lunch in German was a thing though. And that was pretty funny.

It was a little chilly when we went so some of the animals were either sleeping or lounging around. We did get to see some of the animals during "feeding" time. That was a treat...

In case you're curious, the bears get fruits and veggies. The lions get cow legs.

Far away from the carnivorous cats, Ryan found his spirit animal. The penguins. I'm not sure whether it's the love of cold weather or their quirky personalities that bond them. I just know that wherever there's pengiuns, Ryan must see them. It's almost too cute, just like these dapper guys! 

We walked around for a good four hours and it was the perfect way to spend a quiet Sunday morning. I'm loving all the animals we saw and I wish I could play with them all day. How awesome would it be to pet these sitatungas?

Besides the penguin enclosure, the zoo had a couple other areas for the birds. One was a giant lake were all the flamingos and ducks hung out. The other was an aviary where storks and cranes played keep away with a stick. 

Do you think they fetch?

In another life I should have been a zoo keeper. But once someone found out I day dreamed about riding Capybaras, I probably would have been fired. Look at them though. Those cute little giant rodents.

A day ticket for the zoo is €17.50 per person. For lunch we spent about €15.00 for a huge basket of fries, chicken nuggets, and a bottle of water. And if you must ask, yes the nuggets were shaped like animals. Hello childhood.

The day was a bit on the expensive side (or is that just me?) but the conversation and company were worth it. 

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