Friday, September 18, 2015

Germany: Cologne Cathedral

Do you know how many 533 stairs is?

Because I know. Oh, I know.

And it's a lot. It's a wholllllleeeeee lot.

It's 332' a lot. It's 30-minutes-of-climbing-the-smallest-set-of-spiral-stairs a lot. It's needing-a-new-pair-of-sneakers-after-climbing-that-many-steps a lot. It's huffing-and-puffing-up-533-goddamn-stairs a lot.

You get the picture, right?

We definitely earned our beer that day.

Once we got up there, the views were pretty fantastic. The cathedral, also known as the Dom, is basically the tallest structure in Cologne. At the top, you can see for miles. Or do I say kilometers?

It's well worth the €4 to climb up to the top. Not only do you get the views, you also get to see the largest free-swinging bell in the world. Even the smallest bell in the menagerie was bigger than us. I don't even want to imagine being in the tower when that sucker rings. You wouldn't be able to hear for a week afterwards.

After sightseeing, we walked back down every. single. step. With this gigantic smile on our faces, laughing a little at the other poor souls who paid for the privilege of walking up the tower.

Because you realize that you just climbed all those goddamn steps. And now those other people are walking up the same steps, complaining just like you were, taking breaks, and wondering where the last freaking step is.

But you know that the freaking climb is so worth it.

Oh, and did you know? You can get dizzy walking down stairs.

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