Monday, January 26, 2015

National Spouses Day

It might be fitting that I'm starting over today, on National Spouses Day.

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I think it's because my everyday starts with him. And today might seem like a silly holiday but I want to celebrate that. I want to celebrate every moment I have with this amazing man.

It's not about gifts or presents. It's simply about appreciating him and all that he does to make my life wonderful. Some days might be harder than others, to see how he shows it. I just have to remember that he starts my car on chilly mornings, he does the laundry so I don't have to, and he does the dishes even though he hates them. He kisses my forehead, holds my hand when I'm sad, and always makes me laugh.

So here's to the little things. The mundane, often unappreciated, acts of love we do for each other everyday. Here's to you, cutie. I love you.

@arlabarge on instagram

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